Shipping is free within the entirety of State of Israel with a minimum purchase of six (6) 750ml bottles (or the equivalent thereof) when paid in full and in advance.

Shipment should arrive within 14 working days of payment.

International shipping is charged as a function of both the destination country & the weight of the order, but in no case includes any import duties, excise taxes or other charges which may be applicable by authorities in the destination country.


Due to the sensitivity of fine wines to the environment and conditions in which they are stored, we cannot accept any returns. This having been said, we endeavour to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

צור קשר

טל: 04-696-5010

פקס: 04-696-5020 


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רמת הגולן, ישראל, 12421


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יום א'-ה': 9:00 - 16:00

יום ו' וערב חגי ישראל: 9:00 - שעתיים לפני כניסת שבת 

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